Managing C-rich Peatlands: from Research to Policy and Action

Peatlands pavilion (Blue Zone) in Glasgow, UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021, 9 November 2021, 09:00-10:30 (‎GMT)
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  • Managing C-rich Peatlands: from Research to Policy and Action

Tropical peatlands are storehouse of terrestrial carbon currently under different levels of pressure depending on the drivers and policy environment. Evidence-based policies require information almost in real-time fashion. New knowledge should be communicated in timely manner to mitigate the impact. On the other hand, policy-relevant research agenda often either miss the challenges or too long to deliver. Therefore, continued dialogued across the regions and among stakeholders should be encouraged to support appropriate actions.


  • Facilitate the dialogue between policy makers and scientific communities to improve the flow of information
  • Link scientifically sound policies to appropriate actions by practitioners in curbing climate change while enhancing local livelihoods

Expected outcome:

  • Science-based knowledge around sustainable peatland management is adopted in decision making process in tropical peatland-rich countries

For more information:

Dr Daniel Murdiyarso
Principal Scientist
Email: d.murdiyarso@cgiar.org

Daniel Murdiyarso
Principal Scientist, CIFOR


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Republic of Indonesia Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Republic of Peru
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