Knowledge platform fits for all: An all-in-one solution to exchange information on tropical peatlands

Indonesia pavilion in Glasgow, UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021, 5 November 2021, 13.20-14.40 (‎GMT)
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In its role as a center of excellence for tropical peatland research to support policy development, and as a collaborative platform for studying and preserving tropical peatland ecosystem, the ITPC hosts a knowledge portal. The Peatland Knowledge Portal also serves as a go-to place for people to collaborate and disseminate information on peatlands. Information on the platform can consist of projects, publications, datasets, and other related communications products resulting from peatlands research/projects. Information on the platform is open access and can be accessed for free for public.

The platform will develop as an access point for finding and sharing information and knowledge on tropical peatland all over the world. And the platform will provide a catalog and a repository to support the research community in sharing and discovering data and information from different sources on peatlands.

This session will be a starting point for a dynamic series of knowledge sharing of how the knowledge on peatland study and research are curated to enable the information sharing. It is therefore the session will encourage open dialogue around the following topics:

  • Challenges and opportunities for setting up a collaborative platform including milestones on why we struggle with it and what to do?
  • Challenges and opportunity to align views from partners and interest parties
  • To gain interests and commitments of project managers, donors, private companies, and NGOs working on peatlands to collaborate within ITPC networks

For more information:

Haruni Krisnawati
ITPC Lead Coordinator
Email: h.krisnawati@cgiar.org; h.krisnawati@gmail.com

For detail information: https://indonesiaunfccc.com/


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