Using a Hydrological Model to Understand the Hydrological Processes in a Mosaic Tropical Peatland Landscape of Pulau Padang, Indonesia

Tropical peatlands play an important role in addressing the climate and nature functions. In these ecosystems, hydrology strongly controls their geomorphology, ecology, and carbon cycle. More frequent and severe droughts driven by climate extremes (e.g. El Niño Southern Oscillation and the Indian Ocean Dipole events) may alter their local hydrology. In addition, growing dependencies on tropical peatlands due to population growth and economic development has resulted in land-cover change. Alteration in the hydrological processes under changing climate and land-cover may have crucial implications on tropical peatlands, but such impacts remain poorly understood.
  • Authors: Asyhari, A., Kurnianto, S., Suardiwerianto, Y., Hidayat, M. F., Harahap, Mhd. I. F., Evans, C., Page, S.E., Agus, F., Astiani, D., Sabiham, S., Mezbahuddin, S., Balamurugan, M., Ghimire, C. P., Deshmukh, C. S.
  • Author Affiliation: Asia Pacific Resources International Limited, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Leicester, Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development, Universitas Tanjungpura, University of Birmingham, UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
  • Subjects: hydrology, peatlands, tropics, landscape, carbon cycle, climate change
  • Publication type: Conference Paper
  • Year: 2022
  • DOI:
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