Basic Information About Tropical Peatland Ecosystems

The functions of peatlands (peat soils) can be considered based on their two main elements: (1) the peat matter and (2) the water. Peat matter is composed of carbon fibers that are mostly made of lignin; therefore, peat matter contains very few nutrients and desorbs nutrient ions (rather than adsorbing nutrients). Thus, the main function of peat matter is to support plants physically. Thus, tropical peatlands are extremely limited by their oxygen (low solubility in water) and nutrient levels; however, forest productivity is extremely high in native peatlands. In this chapter, the unique eco-physiological strategies of peatland plants are first described at the basic metabolic level. Then, a new concept for the innovative eco-management of tropical peatlands on a large scale is proposed.
  • Authors: Osaki, M., Kato, T., Kohyama, T., Takahashi, H., Haraguchi, A., Yabe, K., Tsuji, N., Shiodera, S., Rahajoe, J.S., Atikah, T.D., Oide, A., Matsui, K., Wetadewi, R.I., Silsigia, S.
  • Author Affiliation: Hokkaido University, PT. Wana Subur Lestari/PT. Mayangkara Tanaman Industri, NPO Hokkaido Institute of Hydroclimate, University of Kitakyushu, Sapporo City University, University of Malaysia Sabah, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Indonesian Institute of Sciences-LIPI, Kitasato University School of Veterinary Medicine, National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, Peatland Restoration Agency
  • Subjects: peatlands, tropics, nutrient cycling, nitrogen, plant growth, ecosystem management
  • Publication type: Chapter-R
  • Source: Osaki, M., Tsuji, N., Foead, N., Rieley, J., (eds). 2021. Tropical Peatland Eco-management. 3-62
  • Year: 2021
  • ISSN: 978-981-334-654-3
  • DOI:
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