What are the dynamics of hydrometeorological parameters on peatlands during the 2019 extreme dry season?

Peatlands in Indonesia are generally flammable, including peatlands in Kalimantan. The Indonesian government has made efforts to prevent fires on peatlands in Indonesia. One of them is by establishing several stations for measuring hydrometeorological parameters which are managed by the Peat Restoration Agency (BRG). This study utilizes BRG data, especially rainfall and groundwater levels, combined with hotspots data from MODIS satellite measurements during the 2019 extreme dry season at two research locations, namely at BRG stations in Central Kalimantan and West Kalimantan. The objectives of this research is to study the dynamics of these three parameters and find their relationship during the 2019 extreme dry season. To achieve the objectives of this study, an analysis of the time series graphs of these three parameters was carried out during the 2019 extreme dry season. It is hoped that the results of this research will help to prevent severe fires on peatlands, especially in Kalimantan. The results of this study indicate that during this period there was a decrease in rainfall, a decrease in groundwater level, and the emergence of a large number of hotspots. It can be concluded that the hotspots that appear are closely related to the low groundwater level due to low rainfall.
  • Authors: Irfan, M., Safrina, E., Koriyanti, E., Saleh, K., Kurniawaty, N., Iskandar, I.
  • Author Affiliation: Sriwijaya University
  • Subjects: peatlands, hydrology, meteorology, dry season, fire prevention, time series, groundwater, models
  • Publication type: Journal Article
  • Source: Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2165(1): 012003
  • Year: 2022
  • DOI:
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