Tropical PeatLand Forest Biomass Estimation Using Polarimetric Parameters Extracted from RadarSAT-2 Images

This paper was aimed at estimating the forest aboveground biomass (AGB) in the Central Kalimantan tropical peatland forest, Indonesia, using polarimetric parameters extracted from RadarSAT-2 images. Six consecutive acquisitions of RadarSAT-2 full polarimetric data were acquired and polarimetric parameters were extracted. The backscattering coefficient ( σo ) for HH, HV, VH, and VV channels was computed respectively. Entropy (H) and alpha ( α ) were computed using eign decomposition. In order to understand the scattering behavior, Yamaguchi decomposition was performed to estimate surface scattering ( γsurf ) and volume scattering ( γvol ) components. Similarly following polarimetric indices were computed; Biomass Index (BMI), Canopy Structure Index (CSI), Volume Scattering Index (VSI), Radar Vegetation Index (RVI) and Pedestal Height ( ph ). The PolSAR parameters were evaluated in terms of their temporal consistency, inter-dependence, and suitability for forest aboveground biomass estimation across rainy and dry conditions. Regression analysis was performed between referenced biomass measurements and polarimetric parameters; VSI, H, RVI, ph , and γvol were found significantly correlated with AGB. Biomass estimation was carried out using significant models. Resultant models were validated using field-based AGB measurements. Validation results show a significant correlation between measured and referenced biomass measurements with temporal consistency over the acquisition time period.
  • Authors: Waqar, M.M., Sukmawati, R., Ji, Y., Sri Sumantyo, J.T.
  • Author Affiliation: Chiba University, Padang State University
  • Subjects: aboveground biomass, peatlands, tropics, remote sensing, mathematical models
  • Publication type: Journal Article
  • Source: Land 9(6): 193
  • Year: 2020
  • DOI:
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