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Land Cover Classification of Mamberamo Bagusa 2005

The land cover map for Bagusa Village in Papua was derived from the 2005 Landsat TM. A supervised classification technique was used based on the maximum likelihood estimation. Seven classes were identified including different levels of vegetation density and vegetation types such as swampy bush and marsh, settlement, and water body. The presence of cloud and haze in the images was a major problem and had to be removed. The social research team conducted a ground check to collect additional GPS points. This was to help improve the classification results, however, it was limited due to the difficulty in accessing some areas and time constraints.


MD5: 9b9697381a80a65da76113443004f3ae

Land Cover Classification of Mamberamo Bagusa from Landsat Imagery

MD5: 0852f40383d0e5260bcb7591f88102a7

Remote sensing land cover map for Bagusa, Papua


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