Obtained a PhD degree in Environmental Management from Queensland University, Australia in 2016. Before resuming his new post as Vice Minister of Environment and Forestry in October 2019, Dr Alue Dohong was one of the Deputies of the Peat Restoration Agency. Since 1994 Dr Dohong was a lecturer at Palangkaraya University, Central Kalimantan. He has been serving as consultant/advisor and research associate of a number of national and international organizations/initiatives working on peatlands, especially in Central Kalimantan.

In 2007, Dr Dohong was awarded the Wetlands International President’s Medal for Staff Excellence, in providing outstanding leadership in Wetland Management and for developing relationship with and encouraging the involvement of local stakeholders. He is also a member of Society of Ecological Restoration since 2017 and Steering Committee of Global Peatland Initiative.