He has worked for the Indonesia Ministry of Forestry since 1986. Currently, he is Director General, Forestry and Environment Research, Development and Innovation Agency within the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, following an appointment as senior advisor to the Minister for Natural Resources. He is actively involved at various forums on environmental and forestry issues including international negotiations He is Secretary of the Advisory Committee on Climate Change in Indonesia. He is currently Indonesia Focal Point for the Forest Investment Program, and a member of the steering committee of the International Resource Panel, UN Environment and chair of two Association of Southeast Asian Nations mechanisms for senior officials — Forestry (ASOF) and the Environment (ASOEN).

Previously, he held senior positions within the Ministry of Forestry, such as director of Forest Products, Processing and Marketing, and Director of Forestry Training Center. He has also served as chair of the Indonesian National Forestry Council. He completed undergraduate studies in forestry and earned a Ph.D. in agricultural economics at Indonesia’s Bogor Agricultural University. He also earned a master’s degree in natural resources at the Australia’s University of New England.