Dyah Puspitaloka

Research Officer

Center for International Forestry Research

  • Dyah Puspitaloka is a Research Officer at the Value Chains, Finance and Investments team at Center for International Forestry Research. She holds M.S. in forestry from Northern Arizona University and B.Ec. in resources and environmental economics from Institut Pertanian Bogor. She was a USAID-CIFOR Master Fellows to the School of Forestry, Northern Arizona University. At Center for International Forestry Research, she is involved in research on community-based fire prevention and peatland restoration, sustainable trade, value chain, deforestation, FLEGT, and green finance.

  • Researcher ID

    Orchid ID: 0000-0003-3188-3478

  • Education

    B.Ec. in Resources and Environmental Economics, Institut Pertanian Bogor

    M.Sc. in Forestry, Northern Arizona University

  • Position

    Research Officer, Center for International Forestry Research

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