A study of agroforestry farming for tropical peatland conservation and rehabilitation in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Current studies on tropical peatlands in Indonesia focus mostly on the environmental effects of management practices. Studies on the efforts of farmers to conserve and rehabilitate degraded tropical peatlands by operating agroforestry systems have been limited. We addressed this research gap by conducting a qualitative survey with semi-structured interviews and field observations of agroforestry systems in the villages of Tumbang Nusa and Kalampangan in Central Kalimantan. The results showed that the main motivation of farmers establishing agroforestry systems was the understanding that trees would otherwise become scarce in the future, and combining intercrops with planted trees would provide adequate income that would meet the economic needs of their families. Farmers who chose intensive intercropping options followed market demand, whereas others preferred crops that did not require intensive management. Communities in both study villages need further knowledge and training on agroforestry, which can provide a source of income in conjunction with conservation and rehabilitation of degraded tropical peatland. In particular, Government support is important, especially when initiating peatland rehabilitation using agroforestry. More guidance and support than is currently available is needed. Restoring degraded peatland through agroforestry utilising local tree species, such as Dyera polyphylla, Shorea belangeran, Alstonia scholaris, Combretocarpus rotundatus and Alseodaphne sp., has strong potential. All of these species grew well and could be managed by agroforestry farmers; their growth provided greater vegetation cover which increased humidity, lowered temperatures and reduced fire risk. The role of farmer institutions should be maximised to support more sustainable use of the peatland.
  • Authors: Jaya, A., Elia, A., Antang, E.U., Octora, M.,, Ichriani, G.I., Dohong, S., Sulistiyanto, Y.
  • Author Affiliation: University of Palangka Raya, University of Lambung Mangkurat
  • Subjects: agroforestry, farming systems, peatlands, conservation, land rehabilitation, ecoloigcal restoration
  • Publication type: Journal Article, ISI
  • Source: Mires and Peat 28: 22
  • Year: 2022
  • DOI:
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